Happy Mother's Day!

Mamma - it's your day today again!

I told daddy since I made a song for you last year - for this year I wanted to bake you a mother's day cake!! I've learned alot how to bake cakes from watching you in the last year! I told daddy that I wanted to do it all by myself and that he could only watch!

but - in hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea. Sometimes I forget how little I still am :(

I couldn't reach high enough and get everything I need to bake a cake! But daddy says that's okay, we can try again next year... there's other things we will do today, we'll have lots lots of fun today for your day! Daddy says we'll go and see some farm animals - I can't wait! I know what horses and cows looks like but I'm not too sure about pigs and goats, can you show me today?!

Daddy also said we'll get to pick flowers for you and have a nice dinner tonight! I hope you enjoy your day today, you are the world's most awesome mother, Daddy and I Love you very much!!

P.S. Don't forget to use the 'Dion Cup' for your coffee today! :)

Postat av: mno


2012-05-13 @ 15:49:18

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