Undeniable proof that Dion is Swedish...

So, in the last few months Dion have had the pleasure of trying different kinds of food that he's never tried before. Some of his favorites includes grapes, bananas, raisins, bread with butter, cream cheese or peanut butter. He also likes some vegetables, pasta but especially loves rice.

However - we have arrived at an impasse when it comes to meat. In the last few months he will try, taste, chew meat but then he will just spit them out, flinch them off the table and give us dirty looks (WHAT IS THIS YOU'RE PUTTING IN MY MOUTH?! type of look) and then stops eating completely! He doesn't like chicken, pork, fish but most of all he hates beef.

That is until yesterday... I gave him some beef with pasta and ketchup. To my surprise he gobbled up all of the meat before he started on the pasta!

So... what changed this time? Why did he end up eating all of the beef? Ah wait... that is not just 'any beef' he's eating here. This was actually some meatballs that I cut up for Dion. But... wait again, Dion doesn't usually eat meatballs at all... however, this was not your 'everyday' meatball dinner.

yup! - there we go! Dion apparently won't eat any meat unless it's 100% swedish!

You crazy swedes and your love for Swedish meatballs - what's up with that? :) I think I'm gonna just label  'Swedish' on the top of every food box so he will eat everything!


Postat av: Ida

Hahaha! :-D

2012-05-09 @ 20:32:29
Postat av: mno

Hahaha! <3

2012-05-09 @ 21:21:20
Postat av: selin

hahahaha. :)

2012-05-09 @ 21:54:41
Postat av: Jenny I

Lovely! Dion is a such gourmand! Thats why...

2012-05-09 @ 21:55:32
Postat av: Sofia

:) :)

2012-05-09 @ 22:18:53
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